On-demand Webinar: Selecting a Technology Partner to Meet Your Organization’s Future State Goals

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Webinar Abstract: 

As savvy executives will attest to, innovation can come from any number of sources. Shrewd CIOs also do their homework in selecting the technology partners that can help their companies achieve their future state goals. With internal resources stretched thin, clever CIOs partner with technology companies that can provide fresh opportunities for innovation ahead of the market.  

Forward-looking CIOs are focused on driving innovation and contributing value to the enterprise. Indeed, a 2018 Deloitte study finds that 58% of CIOs say that helping with business innovation is a core expectation of the IT organization.  

CIOs who are plotting their digital roadmaps need to ask themselves: Are the technologies we’re using positioned to help the enterprise reach its future state goals and drive the kind of innovation that can help the company achieve competitive differentiation? Or are we merely treading water and making our company vulnerable to disruption?


Colin Forth Vice President, Workday on Workday 


Hunter Muller President & CEO 

HMG Strategy  

Key Takeaways 

The factors that CIOs and their IT teams must weigh in determining which technology companies to partner with going forward  

A workday client that is successfully driving innovation and a comparison of the results they’ve achieved compared to their former vendor  

The business and operational benefits that companies have generated by partnering with progressive technology vendors  

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