HMG Live! Virtual Briefing Series

Courageous Leadership in a Time of Crisis

Monday March 30th

11AM - 11:45 AM ET // 8AM - 8:45 AM PT  

President and CEO, HMG Strategy

Hunter Muller

President & CEO, HMG Strategy

Hunter Muller is a charismatic industry pioneer and a modern-day Renaissance Man. As a global C-suite advisor and coach for the past 30 years, Hunter’s insights and concepts have been successfully applied by Fortune 1000 organizations worldwide to accelerate executive performance, propel the career ascent of C-level executives, and to drive transformative innovation and create new waves of value.

Monica Caldas

SVP & CIO, Liberty Mutual Insurance

Monica Caldas is the Chief Information Officer for Liberty’s Global Retail Markets (GRM). In this role, Monica is driving the digital transformation within GRM’s global IT organization by delivering innovative solutions for customers and employees. Monica brings IT industry expertise from both the financial services and industrial sectors to deliver business model innovation through a robust digital strategy.




This Live Virtual Discussion Will Cover:

  • Unquestionably, this is a global crisis with cascading effects across multiple sectors of the economy. From this perspective, a recession appears inescapable.  
  • And yet we’ve survived other crises and recessions before. There have already been 47 recessions in the history of our nation, and we will doubtlessly experience more in the future. Most of us can remember the sharp economic downturns and recessions of the past 30 years. We got through all of them, and we’ll get through this one, too.  
  • Navigating the turbulence ahead will require astute and courageous leadership. This plays to our strength as experienced technology leaders and executives. Collectively, we possess the skills and acumen necessary for handling periods of turbulence and uncertainty. As a group, we have a unique view of complex transformational processes. In other word, we know how to get things done and we're not afraid to tackle the hardest problems.
  • Ending with a live Q & A where Hunter and Monica will field any questions from the audience.