The future of work is shifting away from antiquated, Industrial Age models that focused on lowering labor costs and increasing output and is transitioning towards digital business models that create new revenue opportunities, simplify the customer experience and streamline internal operations. The latest wave of RPA is bringing forth greater interplay between humans and robots, creating new opportunities for employees to broaden their skill sets while delivering a torrent of value to the companies they work for. 

RPA is being applied extensively across a wide range of industries, from optimizing billing and scheduling in healthcare to enabling telecommunications companies to manage large, unstructured data sets to streamlining regulatory compliance in financial services. As use cases for robotic process automation (RPA) continue to expand, the initial focus on productivity and cost savings will be replaced using software robots to complement humans in their work processes and deliver even greater benefits.  

As RPA applications continue to evolve and mature, repetitive work processes will automatically be handed off to robots through voice or text triggers, enabling employees to focus on higher-value cognitive activities.  


Here Are the Details for This Webinar

  • When is it? April 7, 2PM ET, 11AM PT 
  • Where is it? Join in from your laptop/desktop
  • Who's doing it? Presented by Brandon Nott, Michelle Lee, Hunter Muller, and other select CIOs from strategic companies implementing RPA
  • What's it all about? • How RPA is evolving and why the future of automation will focus on tighter integration between human workers and robots. 

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Hear From Industry Leaders.. 

Michelle Lee

Partner, PwC

Brandon Nott

SVP Product, UiPath

President and CEO, HMG Strategy

Hunter Muller 

President and CEO, HMG Strategy

“The time is now for awakening the CIO to automation as a company-wide initiative and not rogue IT.” - Michelle Lee, Intelligent Automation Partner, PwC 

“The age of a robot for every person now. Robots and humans are collaborating to deliver outcomes faster, cheaper and more reliably than ever before.” – Brandon Nott, SVP Product, UiPath  

“As technology executives and leaders, we need to acknowledge these global trends and stay ahead of them. We need to articulate how they will impact the business environment and how they offer opportunities for sustainable long-term growth.” – Hunter Muller, President & CEO, HMG Strategy


During This Free Live Webinar, You Will Also Learn:

  • How RPA is evolving and why the future of automation will focus on tighter integration between human workers and robots

  • Why CIOs and technology executives are being called upon to help reimagine and reinvent the business and how automation can be leveraged to accelerate digital transformation

  • Examples of leading companies across different industries that are melding human workers with robots and the benefits they’re attaining

  • The types of business and operational benefits that greater human-robot collaboration can deliver to companies.