What's it About? 

As companies press forward with their digital transformation initiatives and try to leverage cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics, and robotics process automation to drive successful business outcomes, many executives are discovering that the digital engineering skills shortage is creating a significant competitive disadvantage. 

According to Heidrick & Struggles, an overwhelming 71 percent of enterprise executives believe they do not have the right talent for digital transformation. With unemployment rates near zero percent, corporate leaders are worried about losing the war for engineering horsepower and being leapfrogged by digital-savvy competitors.  

The knee-jerk response by many companies is to tap into offshore outsourcing for sought-after digital skills. But you need to avoid multiple risks associated with offshoring, including a lack of quality skills, poor communications, exorbitant billable hours and - ultimately - inferior results.  

Instead, a growing number of organizations are opting for a global insourcing model that has a guaranteed lower cost while delivering a 1:1 quality and productivity ratio.  

Learn how you can build an effective global IT team while eliminating the risks and failure points of an offshore model.  

Who's Speaking?

Patricia Connolly  

CEO, Founding Partner; SMC Squared  

Patricia Connolly, PhD, draws on nearly three decades of executive, IT and academic leadership to create and implement SMC2’s strategy, vision and mission. Her cross-industry experience building and leading high-performing IT teams, leveraging global talent, and mitigating corporate risk enables Connolly to understand intimately the unique challenges faced by SMC2 clients and to develop solutions that provide immediate results and long-term flexibility and innovation. Connolly’s functional expertise includes IT strategy, risk management, LEAN operations, systems development and vendor management, but she is particularly passionate about people—recruiting, mentoring, building and retaining highly skilled and engaged teams. This unique combination of skill and passion helps fuel SMC2’s employee-based, insource methodology.  

Hunter Muller

President & CEO; HMG Strategy

Hunter Muller is a charismatic industry pioneer and a modern-day Renaissance Man. As a global C-suite advisor and coach for the past 30 years, Hunter’s insights and concepts have been successfully applied by Fortune 1000 organizations worldwide to accelerate executive performance, propel the career ascent of C-level executives, and to drive transformative innovation and create new waves of value.

HMG Strategy is the provider of thought leadership and networking events for CIOs, CISOs, and senior technology executives. HMG Strategy offers a unique, integrated model for enabling C-level executives and their companies to draw upon courageous leadership to reimagine, reinvent, and rebuild their business models to attain the genius-level thinking required in today’s dynamic business landscape to achieve competitive advantage in the digital frontier.



You Will Discover: 

The red flags associated with offshore outsourcing models along with the advantages of utilizing a global insourcing approach for digital transformation

Examples of leading companies across different industries that are leveraging global enablement teams to gain a competitive edge

The business benefits and productivity gains that a global insourcing model can deliver