Modern Identity:  Unifying Identity to Improve the User Experience Across Your Ecosystem

Live Webinar • Tuesday, Oct 13th • 1pm ET


Jake Randall - VP CIAM & Workflows at Okta

Kyle Weckman - VP – Security Services, Security Operations Programs at Options Clearing Corporation

About the Webinar

The lines between users inside and outside your organization are blurring. Discover how modern organizations are consolidating and simplifying identity structures to provide all users the information they need, where and when they need it. Learn how to better identify each customer - and their history with the company - while providing employees with the access rights needed to deliver a fluid customer experience.

It wasn’t just companies that were required to make the digital pivot in March – consumers also engaged with digital platforms to research and shop online for necessary goods in the midst of a pandemic. Compounding the situation are suppliers, partners, and numerous others who complete the supply chain.

As the appetite expands for digital products and services, business leaders must ensure that they are properly mapping the chain of processes needed to deliver an exceptional digital experience to the customer, while enabling their own employees, suppliers, and partners to seamlessly do their part in the process.

The secret sauce to enabling these capabilities is identity management. The ability to quickly pivot, whether due to pandemic or consumer preference, is driven by access to reliable information. This includes information that:

  • Allows suppliers to make immediate changes to meet demand
  • Allows your workforce to coordinate production needs
  • Provides important data about your best customers and how you reach them

Those organizations that can be pliable enough to meet the many sides of supply and demand will quickly align to what is next, as we saw this year with COVID. Securely defined access for all those constituencies is a must-have in today’s digital world.  Simple architectures that can flex with consumer and environmental needs will outpace monolithic and customized architectures that cannot support a modern identity and access landscape.

Integrating the identity structures for customers, workforce, suppliers, and partners, allows  organizations to provide their  consumers with the right information - and the right level of interactions - delivering a seamless customer experience.