Successful mergers and acquisitions require the smooth integration of the combined workforces and technologies along with the ability for team members to access the right data and applications based on their roles

Over the years, mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and joint ventures have proven to be a major accelerator to corporate growth, value creation and cost optimization. Meanwhile, the pace of acquisitions has increased over the past decade as the adoption of digital technologies is helping companies to operate faster and more responsively. This includes the use of digital tools to assist with the onboarding and offboarding of personnel for the newly combined entity.

As history has shown, the M&A market is affected by deterioration or growth in capital markets. And while numerous deals have been pulled or delayed in recent weeks due to the downturn in financial markets, research conducted by Boston Consulting Group reveals that savvy dealmakers can thrive in the current environment.

While there are typically specific business or financial drivers behind each acquisition, the success of each transaction typically boils down to the ability to easily integrate workforces and technologies between the two organizations to ensure that operations and productivity are fluid from Day 1.

The secret sauce to enabling these capabilities is identity management. The ability for newly combined organizations to determine which employees have access quickly and easily to specific data sets and applications can enable the organization to fire on all cylinders and work productively immediately.


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  • How identity management can assist with business preparation and analysis of personnel and systems access ahead of full business integration
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  • How to secure and automate provisioning and deprovisioning throughout M&A cycles
  • How to establish a strong security posture to support the merged entity
  • How identity management can serve as the linchpin to delivering seamless omnichannel customer experiences